Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

I do believe in United

I shared a picture that I took at morning while I'm watching MU game..
so sad that MU didn't win it..
but I believe in second leg MU will win this EL games :D
can't wait to watch again..

MU and YOU was a perfect mood booster

so I have a problem with my prayer time..
I always ruined my first time paryer in da mownin'
and honestly I really hated it..
but this awkward moment when I always wake up in da middle of morning
just to see my favorite football team play is a real problem -.-
how could I can wake up withouht any sacrificing..
wuuuh my bad..
oh I share some picture we take it lastnite..

by the way because I often read and using my gadget
in da middle at nite now I'm using my geek glasses (again) what a geek..

Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

heaven on earth (BALI)

love the beach love the dress too..
but don't worry I love ya more 

blue dress ☹

my blue dress just like when I remember you..
my heart is like kinda of feeling so blue too 

beach again ♥

I'm addicted with beach as much as I addicted with your kiss..

Sabtu, 10 September 2011

my man = my doctor

I miss my man so much :(
but it's been 3 weeks since last time we met..
thanks God he passed a test to be a doctor :')
but you know 1 thing, I hate doctor honestly
this is my last conversation before he sleep

me : I don't want you to be a doctor babe
him : as much as I don't want you to love me, it's impossible hon :*

well so I'll wait him to be a great doctor I wish :)
remind me if I forget to posting in my blog :p
xoxo dean